Removal services

Delamode Removal Services provides local and international removal services, warehousing services.

We are committed to moving anything to anywhere, regardless of the size, value and condition of the items. We promise that you will receive high quality services at a competitive price.

Every removal is a new begging. To make it easy, entrust your removals with Delamode Removal Services and enjoy an easy new start.

Every move is unique. Delamode Removal Services maintains the highest standards of diligence and professionalism to provide moving services that meet your expectations, to ensure that it is completed quickly and efficiently.

The personal removals manager will coordinate the removal process from the free survey, which will determine the time, cost and complexity of the removals, to the time of delivery and unloading of the items at the new location.

Competent removal specialists guarantee the smooth removal of your belongings. Whether moving locally or internationally, our staff will do it with quality and efficiency.

Realizing that these are your personal belongings, we protect them as our own. We value our customer’s trust in us, and we strive to provide the highest level of service possible.


How to order removals service?

Every our client is special. The services provided by Delamode Removal Services take into account the uniqueness of each situation and make a personal offer.

  1. Please call: +37069850682 or email by email: [email protected]
  2. We will arrive at the place, evaluate the scale of the service, calculate the price, terms.
  3. We will find the option that best meets your expectations


Local removals:

  • Long-distance relocation in Lithuania;
  • Removals in the same city;
  • Removals in the same house.

This moving is usually done quickly and efficiently, as the moving distance is not long and it takes less time to pack things.

The following services are offered for local removals:

  • Free inspection and evaluation of the reloaded object;
  • International CMR Insurance;
  • Delivery of packaging materials to the customer. They can be bought or rented (only corrugated cardboard boxes can be rented) if the customer wishes to carry out the packaging work independently;
  • Packaging of fragile and expensive items;
  • Furniture dismantling and installation;
  • Cargo and transportation services;
  • Archival removals;
  • Non-standard cargo transportation (pianos, machine tools, safes, etc.).


International removals:

  • Removals from abroad
  • Removals abroad

Moving from or to a foreign country always requires a great deal of organization and planning effort to complete all the work. The first step in international removals is to inspect the items you are transporting. Delamode removal experts will help you plan everything from start to finish. Through our extensive international partner network, we will do all the work for you. We specialize in the transportation of diplomatic cargo, where you need to know exactly all customs formalities.

We offer the following services for international removals:

  • Free inspection and evaluation of the reloaded object;
  • International CMR Insurance;
  • Presentation of packaging materials on sale or lease (only corrugated cardboard boxes can be rented);
  • Packaging of fragile and expensive items;
  • Furniture dismantling and installation in new location;
  • Cargo and transportation services;
  • Covering unpacked furniture with soft material during transportation;
  • Packing of articles with necessary materials for safe transportation;
  • Transportation of diplomatic cargo;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Preparing a to-do list so that no items are lost;
  • Loading of things;
  • Delivery to the terminal (if it is necessary to prepare the cargo for transportation);
  • Preparation of items for transportation in the terminal;
  • Transportation by road (single lorry or with selected loads);
  • Sea transportation (in a separate container or with selected cargo).


Transportation of works of art:

We serve exhibitions, museums and individuals. Our team is ready to help you do everything professionally. Transportation of works of art usually requires special transportation conditions, which we take care of:

  • Maintaining proper temperature;
  • Special packaging;
  • Police escort;
  • Customs clearance.


Warehousing services

Need to move, and have no place to put your belongings yet? Delamode Removal Services will offer short and long term storage services in a heated and secure warehouse.

The first week of storage is free of charge if you ordering removal services.

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