Rail Freight

Do you have goods that need to be shipped quickly but cost-effectively between Europe  and Asia? In that case Our Rail Solution is the right choice. 

Via our Pan European road freight services we offer the optimum solution for moving your shipments from across Europe to Lithuania – here your goods are cross docked at our Vilnius terminal and loaded onto rail freight wagons to destinations throughout Asia.

Values added services:

  • Wagon tracking
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Certification formality management
  • Customs clearance management
  • Cargo insurance
  • Consulting
  • Product procurement on behalf of the client

Types of rail freight wagons we offer 

Rail Freight













Delamode Baltics provides a specialised rail freight service linking China, with Lithuania and the rest of Europe.

Rail freightOur Rail freight management solutions offers a fast, reliable and environmentally friendly transport alternative to air and sea freight.

If you are a business that exports and/or imports from China you can benefit from our direct service that offers weekly departures great flexibility and short transit times. In addition, rail freight presents a more environmentally friendly transport solutions that is cost efficient and greater capacity compared to air freight.

Service features:

  • Direct service
  • Weekly Friday departures
  • 10-12 day transit time (Xian to Vilnius)

Additional services:

  • High standard of loading and shipment protection on broad-gauge railway
  • Cargo-handling and warehouse services
  • Shipment tracking
  • Freight Insurance
  • Customs clearances
  • Rail transport is almost twice as fast as by sea

A beneficial aspect of using rail transport offers over a sea transport for moving freight between China lies primarily in the significantly shorter transport time.
The time saved in terms of transit time compared to sea freight is considerable and can result in anything between 10 and 15 days quicker.

Goods transported 

Rail Freight








The time-tested sea containers are used for rail transport
Ocean freight containers are typically used for rail transport when trading with China. Companies can therefore pack and load containers just as they would for sea transport. Due to the speed and efficiency of sending cargo via rail the service is also ideal for time critical shipments.

Pan European Solutions: Connecting China with Europe
Once your freight has arrived in Lithuania, we provide a high quality and fast road freight solution for delivering you freight to any part of European within 72 – 96hours.

Is our rail freight service right for you?

Choose rail freight if:

  • you want to organize transport of large volumes of goods over long distances
  •  you transport bulk, heavy goods or large items, especially to distant destinations, such as China and the Far East countries
  • you are looking for alternatives to road transport – especially where it is uneconomical and road infrastructure underdeveloped
  • you care about the environment – rail is a environmentally friendly means of transport
  • you care about the increased security of your shipments – contrary to popular belief, the railroad is the safest means of transport

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