Delamode Baltics Branded Trailers Surpasses 100

04. 22. 2021

Delamode Baltics has surged passed the 100th mark with the recent branding of its 120th trailer.

As a result, this means that in 2021 all Delamode Baltics linehaul trucks will be Delamode branded and will be seen moving freight in every European country.

Justas Versnickas, Managing Director, Delamode Baltics commented

“We have 120 brand new trailers that have been procured from our supplier Krone. 80% of these trailers are taultliners and 20% dual temperature-controlled refrigerator units. Having over 100 branded trailers is a great milestone but we will not be stopping there as we have plans to brand and introduce many more vehicles throughout 2021 and beyond”

Delamode Baltics Branded Trailers Surpasses 100

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