Delamode Baltics is increasing its fleet of electric vehicles

10. 17. 2023

Delamode Baltics is increasing its fleet of electric vehiclesThe moderate annual growth of Delamode Baltics also increases the company’s need for managed transport. Looking to the future and focusing on the “green” philosophy of consumption, Delamode Baltics purchased 3 electric Renault cars, which will be used for cargo distribution in Vilnius and the Baltic countries.

Feels a duty to reduce its environmental impact

The transport sector is classified as one of the most polluting in the world, therefore the Delamode Baltics feels responsible and, together with the entire Delamode Group, makes efforts to implement the planned sustainability policy.

“A year ago, we started using fuel from residual raw materials in some of our trucks, and this year we will pay great attention to electrification of the transport fleet. We do not limit ourselves to the yearly goals set by the group and already at the beginning of the year we implemented a project supported by the Lithuanian Energy Agency and the EU by installing electric car charging stations near our warehouse, which can be used by both staff and freight transport drivers. In the future, near our office, we plan to install 10 such stations and replace about 50 employees’ cars with electric vehicles,” says Justas Veršnickas, Managing Director of Delamode Baltics and CEO of Delamode Group.

An important and long-awaited project of this year is the addition of electric cars to the transport fleet, which must serve part of the company’s cargo delivery flows in Vilnius, and in the long run, electric transport will reach other terminals of Delamode Group in Latvia and Estonia. This transport will be used for deliveries of various cargoes, packaged and hanging garments to shopping centers, to the door of shops and “last mile” deliveries to customers.

The electrification of the fleet is an inevitable and necessary step

Delamode Baltics parką papildė 3 nauji elektriniai Renault Trucks E-Tech automobiliaiDelamode Baltics took its first steps in the direction of sustainability 3 years ago, when it replaced gas-powered forklifts in the warehouse with electric ones. This laid the foundation for further development of the “green” philosophy in the company.

“Like any conscious business, we care about working more sustainably. We aim for our business to have the smallest possible consequences for the nature around us. With a clear vision and strategy, we are moving towards clean transport,” says J. Veršnickas.

Even the development of the company’s “cross-dock” terminal was organized in such a way that in the long run a solar power plant could be installed on its roof and all the needs of the terminal could be met with renewable energy. Another goal of this year is to further expand the network of intermodal transportations and our own fleet of semi-trailers for these transportations.

“The desire to be a more sustainable business is also encouraged by our customers, who care that their products are delivered in an environmentally friendly way, with as little CO2 emissions as possible,” says Director of Delamode Batics.

Market trends encourage the search for new tools and methods, so Delamode Baltics has set a goal to reduce the amount of CO2 caused by local transportation to 75% by 2030 and to become a company successfully implementing the “Net-Zero” strategy by 2033.

Delamode Baltics automobilių parką papildė 3 nauji elektriniai Renault Trucks E-Tech automobiliai

The 52 kWh batteries used in the Renault Trucks Master E-TECH models enable a single charge to drive around 190 kilometers in city mode (according to the WLTP methodology). Car batteries can be fully charged in just over 2 hours at 22 kW DC charging stations.

Advanced commercial electric cars are equipped with 8-pallet capacity tented bodies and remote-controlled rear lifts, so loading the car is easy. In this way, optimal functionality and environmental friendliness are ensured.

Delamode Baltics is one of the TOP-100 companies in Lithuania and one of the largest international cargo transportation companies in the Baltic States, offering customized solutions that help create added value for the logistics and supply chain of customers and is the largest company belonging to the Delamode Group. Currently, Delamode Baltics employs more than 600 employees, the company manages a fleet of 300 trucks and 500 semi-trailers, 100 of which are Huckepack Mega intermodal trailers for transportation with trains. The company owns a modern “cross-dock” type terminal and storage facilities. The professional team of Delamode Baltics takes care of thousands of customers worldwide and ensures the smooth operation of their supply chain.

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