Italy – where everything is possible for Delamode Baltics

02. 17. 2023

Delamode Baltics – one of the TOP-100 largest Lithuanian companies – has been carrying out international transportation in Europe and around the world for 16 years. During this time, Italy, which entered our geographic market in 2006, has become one of the directions that only proceeds to grow every year and constitutes a significant part of our work.

This experience granted us the opportunity to develop an extremely reliable and fast transportation network for partial cargo and cover even the most distant corners of the country with the infrastructural capabilities of our partners.

Part Load Import from Italy

Long-term business relationships resulted in the wide range of possibilities that we can currently offer to each of our clients. Delamode Baltics can deliver partial cargo imports from any Italian city, even the ones located on the islands.

Furthermore, we offer not only an exceptional variety of geographic locations but time-wise convenient services as well – import part-loads depart every day, even from most remote regions. Our customers are not burdened with waiting since in a matter of a few days, the cargo will be already in Lithuania or another Baltic country.

Export Is Keeping Up with The Pace

We are not slowing down even with cargo exportation to Italy. Our cars depart Lithuania twice a week and both import and export are carried out by a crew of two drivers, what allows us to reach northern Italy in a couple of days. Just like import, export partial loads are delivered all over the country, including the islands.

From Simple Shipments to ADR Cargos

What makes us stand out from the market – are the opportunities. Both for import and export, we can arrange the transport for dangerous goods (ADR), temperature-controlled shipments or temperature-controlled dangerous goods.

Is it even necessary to mention simple, standard shipments? Pallets, non-palletized cargo, rolls and boxes are our daily routine.

Delamode Baltics provides its customers with reliability and stable service, which allows them not to be bothered with the complexity of logistics and to plan related processes effectively.

Track & Place Your Orders

Customers who prefer to keep their keen eye on the process, can not only track the changes in the delivery status but also place orders in the online system by themselves. Our system is even providing the option of creating templates for recurrent routes, what makes order placement smooth and simple.

Why choose us? Delamode Baltics is one of the most prominent Lithuanian leaders in the transportation of partial loads to Italy. And due to the frequency of routes, the variety of transported cargo and the steadily provided information, we are a reliable logistics partner.

At the time of January 2023, Delamode Baltics is a workplace for more than 480 employees, a company managing over 300 trucks which are running routes set by us in multiple European countries, and a service provider who professionally takes care of thousands of customers all over the world.

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