Mid-Year Review on Air Cargo

08. 10. 2021

Passenger flights may have seen a significant decrease in use and thus large impact on revenue over the past year, however Air Cargo remains despite capacity constraints and higher rates compared to other freight services. The demand for PPE and COVID-19 supplies as well as the increase in ecommerce has encouraged demand for air freight like never before, reaching record highs in March 2021 and continuing to soar into the summer months.

Disruption to supply chain processes and the subsequent delivery delays have meant a significant increase in delivery times, and according to IATA some of the longest delays in the history of manufacturing. This of course leads manufacturers to search for the fastest option to move their goods quickly and recover lost time – air transport is favoured for being the fastest freight service available and so has managed to stay strong despite the outside threat of an ongoing global pandemic.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) released data for global demand in May 2021, stating that it had increased by 9.4% compared to May 2019. This is largely down to the global support of supply chains in favour of Air Freight due to the rise of 0.5% in global trade. Cost competitiveness of Air Freight compared to that of container shipping has improved, having previously sat at 12 times more expensive than sea freight, air freight is now only 6 times more expensive and offers a faster delivery time positioning it as a much more competitive option than it was 2 years ago.

Xpediator PLC’s air courier companies offer a flexible global consolidation, combined sea/air or direct services, providing customers with a comprehensive choice of transit times and cost-efficient services. Our air freight logistics teams are fully trained in accordance with IATA dangerous goods regulations, meaning we are able to handle and deliver hazardous materials by air courier.

Our Air Freight Services for Imports & Exports include: 

  • Scheduled Air Freight Consolidations
  • Fast Worldwide Air Courier Services with more than 120 Global Offices
  • Complete Door to Door Services
  • Consignment tracking
  • IATA Cargo Agent and AEO Safety and Security Approved
  • Customs Clearance Services

If you have been looking to change to a faster and more economical freight service then there couldn’t be a better time to make the shift. With Air Freight in a strong position and pricing becoming more competitive it could be a great chance to improve your logistic operations and offer a faster more efficient service to your customers. 

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