Warehouse Storage and Loading Services

At the new Delamode Baltics cross-dock terminal, we provide comprehensive services including loading, storage solutions, and customs clearance.

Delamode Baltics sandėlis

Delamode Baltics goes beyond offering mere cargo storage space. Our commitment to continuous and efficient collaboration sets us apart. Through a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, we deliver a full suite of storage solutions designed for optimal cargo safety, maintenance, and storage conditions.

Our expertise extends to seamless preparation for export, transportation, or transfer to sales points, ensuring your cargo is handled with care every step of the way. Discover how Delamode Baltics can elevate your storage and logistics experience.


Delamode Baltics offers its customers short-term storage, cargo transshipment, cargo sorting, assembly, packing/repacking and palletizing services. We will also take care of safe loading of your cargo, transportation by local and international transport, distribution to shopping centers. The Delamode Baltics company employs specialists handling customs documents with many years of experience, so we also offer the service of handling customs formalities.


Delamode Baltics sandėliavimo paslaugos Vilniuje

We will ensure that the cargo is stored in our spacious storage facilities according to all the customer’s wishes and under the necessary conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.). We will label and sort the cargo entrusted to us. We are always focused on the highest quality of services provided and maximum satisfaction of the client’s expectations, and the accumulated experience and professional team enable us to smoothly achieve these goals, which is why the cargo storage offered by Delamode Baltics is a set of essential services. We are ready to ensure the safety of the cargo during storage, ensure that it is properly prepared for transportation, arrange the necessary documents and other formalities.

Services provided:

  • Storage of cargo of various sizes;
  • Labeling of cargo with stickers and labels;
  • Cargo packing/repacking;
  • Storage of goods of various purposes that do not require a temperature regime.

Warehousing services in Vilnius

Delamode Baltics’ warehousing services in Vilnius ensure the most suitable cargo storage conditions in the company’s modern, newly equipped storage facilities. The warehouse in Vilnius is of the cross-dock type, a type of warehouse that is still not common in Lithuania, where the greatest attention is paid to the fastest, most efficient and least expensive cargo transshipment.

Delamode Baltics’ goods storage and grouping terminals were equipped in accordance with the highest international standards, which is why the provided storage services in Vilnius stand out:

  • functionality, efficiency, low costs and well-thought-out infrastructure;
  • convenient location (the location of the warehouse is particularly favorable for transporting goods to foreign countries – at the terminal, goods are grouped and handed over for transport; from here, the distribution of manufacturers’ products to different countries is conveniently carried out);
  • variety of transportation (cargo from the terminal can be transported in trucks or containers);
  • excellent short-term cargo storage conditions and service quality.

Delamode Baltics has permits to store packaged non-perishable food products. It also has a customs warehouse for temporary storage. A customs warehouse is a warehouse that is recognized by the Customs Department as suitable for storing goods under customs supervision and has a permit issued by this department.

Warehouse locations

Warehouse Storage and Loading ServicesApprox. storage price from 0,35 €/ pallet/ day

Loading Services

Delamode Baltics krovos darbų paslauga

We pay special attention to warehousing services, and in order to ensure the highest quality, avoid damage to cargo and deformation of packages, we carry out loading work. We aim to ensure the comfort of our customers and minimize worries about the cargo, which is why loading work at the Delamode Baltics terminal is carried out responsibly and with high quality.

We offer our customers:

  • Loading of standard partial and full loads;
  • Loading from machine to machine;
  • Cargo sorting, grouping, packing and repackaging;
  • Loading of non-standard and heavy loads up to 10t, manual loading, bale loading;
  • Checking quantity and quality;
  • Transport for local and international transfers, etc.

Loading works are carried out by experienced specialists, all loads are marked with stickers, identified by a number assigned to a specific load and a QR code.

With Delamode Baltics, your cargo is in safe hands.

Warehouse Storage and Loading ServicesApprox. price for loading services: from 2€/ pallet

Why choose us?

Delamode Baltics terminalas

  • Convenient location of the warehouse right next to the A1 highway, good access, no need to turn around
  • We offer fixed prices
  • Customs documents are prepared on the spot, so your time is saved
  • Mechanized and manual loading
  • Possibility of side loading
  • More than 80 ramps ensure shorter waits and faster loading
  • The warehouse is open 7 days a week
  • The ensured safety of your cargo


Contact us:

Email: [email protected]

Tel.nr.: +37062737148

Frequently asked questions:

Can you handle bulky/heavy loads?

Yes, we can handle cargo weighing up to 10 tons in our warehouse.

Is the cargo that is loaded and stored covered by insurance?

All activities of the Delamode Baltics warehouse are covered by the insurance of the warehouse operator.

How is warehouse security ensured?

Delamode Baltics ensures round-the-clock security with 24/7 video surveillance, automatic license plate scanning, and restricted access limited to employees and authorized visitors. The warehouse is safeguarded with an alarm, fire detection and extinguishing systems, and continuous patrols by our security team.

What equipment is used in the warehouse?

Our warehouse includes used electric Linde forklifts, electric Linde forklifts, gas Linde forklifts, high capacity (4.5t and 10t) Linde forklifts, hydraulic ramps, side loading ramp. We also have special equipment for loading bales.

Can you unload cargo from sea containers?

Yes, there is such a possibility. At the Delamode Baltics warehouse, we constantly load cargo from and into sea containers.

What makes your warehouse different from others?

Our cross-dock warehouse, a model yet to become widespread in Lithuania, prioritizes swift, cost-effective cargo handling. Featuring an elongated shape with ramps on both sides, goods enter on one side and exit the other, ensuring efficient flow. Divided into zones, our warehouse management software automatically assigns incoming cargo to the appropriate area based on its next destination, streamlining the process.

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